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Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) to build influential and exciting web applications. Due to its superior web capabilities and customer contentment, it is powerful website software for building secure web applications and sites. It is open source software freely available to the customers for building web applications.

Web sites can be constructed by designers without having enough or inclusive details of programming. Themes are design elements developed from Joomla, are easily accessible through download. Large number of Joomla themes is available for free download but not all. Web designers can easily build sites by downloading these free Joomla themes.

Joomla code is awfully flexible as anyone can write modules and extend the code functionality. Joomla is a framework, which is developed in PHP, can be easily used to customize websites and its applications.

The modules available at the Joomla framework are Page caching, web indexing, forums, blogs, calendars, RSS feeds, language internationalization, and polls. These make it easy for users to publish and manage content on the web using mysql database without having enough knowledge of design and programming concepts.

Layouts are entirely customized, which encompass of the center, left, and right menu boxes. Images can be effortlessly uploaded by the browser on the site. Joomla runs exclusively on Linux, MacOSX server, Solaris, Aix, and FreeBSD.

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